Celebrating 16 years, U*Space is part gallery, theatre, concert hall & museum. It is an existential interdisciplinary experience that exist everywhere and yet nowhere. It is our goal to facilitate artistic experiences and foster creativity through the use of virtual and physical spaces.

Unbelievably eclectic, U*Space is the perfect place to view art created for the sake of art. The space has become know for its sincere dedication to supporting artists either through non-exclusive representation or directly purchasing work from artists, whom we believe have found the power to pull from their creative center vs. what the public may demand.

Armed with the believe that original art should be for everyone, U*Space's understood from its very inception the fact that making one-of-a-kind art accessible to the average person would not be an easy task. U*Space believes it has found a way to strike a realistic & sustainable balance in its decision to use as an option, the right to directly purchase artwork from artists. A move that we know some don't agree with. Sorry, but we are not satisfied in continuing to uphold the elitist stance generally taken by the art world. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to offer buyers a great price. Thus, allowing the other 99% of art lovers an opportunity to become collectors of original pieces of art.

U*Space was founded by visionary artist Terence E Jackson aka TEJ.

The U*Space Mantra
The U in U*Space stands for Unique. A unique place of synergy where one can engage physically or online with various forms of communion.
U*Space is a conduit in this digital age for exuberantly celebrating human creation regardless of race, gender, status and or position in life. U*Space exists for no other reason other than to serve as a catalyst for being multivalent.  
The U in U*Space stands for the U in You.
U*Space understands that for every artist that becomes a household name, there are hundreds more who are just as worthy who never get the exposure they deserve.
U*Space chooses not to represent artists but we do showcase original art.
Because we focus our curatorial gaze on all aspects of creativity; We are constantly moving between what is old and new as we seeks to expose audiences to the beauty of art through the act of immersive stimulation.
U*Space believes an individual's creativity must be allowed to run free of outside views and prejudices.
U*Space believes every person has the power to change a life.