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Merging computer animation and music in what many have called an "electronic operetta", it tells the story of the first girl to be built in a factory instead of born from a womb.

The questions abound regarding her creation. Why was she made? Does she have a soul? Where would she go if she died? Awash with unusual beauty, gravity and technique these and other questions are all examined in a fractured and experimental way.

Fragile Machine draws upon conclusions from quantum physics about the structure of reality, and attempts to build a bridge between numerous philosophical and religious traditions including western existentialism, Buddhism, Zen nature-worship, Jungian Analysis and Christianity. Every frame has been imbued with meaning, and the loving attention to detail is almost heartbreaking, as Leda Nea asks the darkness who she is, and why.

Director: Aoineko
Region: O (All)
SUBTITLES: English, French, Chinese
Running Time: 34 min.
Release Date: 2005

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