Stowe-Sinkler is textile artist who combines traditional sewing techniques with printmaking and painting to create fabric collages that are innovative and enduring.

A native of Virginia, Stowe-Sinkler received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. It was there that she was awarded her first mural painting commission in 1990. She later received the Langston Hughes Award of Humanities in 1992 not only for her own artistic creations, but also for the production of Black Anthology, the first student written and produced African American history performance that continues annually today. This diverse background in both performance and visual art developed the foundation upon which Francine continues to expand as an artist.

Her painted quilts and textile creations pay homage to the often-overlooked artistic talents of women, fully embracing their contributions to the fine arts arena. Her work, while African-American centered, continues to express the universal lessons of love, diversity, determination, and growth.

The artist resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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