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Sabrynaah Pope was an amazing female vocalist from Brooklyn, New York. Pope began singing and acting at age of 4. Brought up around music, she sang with her family and in choirs like the Voices of Love, the Voices of Unity, and the New Jersey Mass Choir. A fan of deep house, Pope was known to sing while on the dance floor, which led to her initial musical collaborations in the late 80s.

She was well known for her work with Dance acts 95 North, DJ Pierre, and most recently as part of U.D.A.U.F.L. (Underground Dance Artists United For Life, a collaboration of Dance music acts put together by the producer duo known as Blaze.), which scored a number one track on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Most Precious Love" in 2005. She also contributed her vocals to "Keep Hope Alive", which was featured on the group's 2004 album of the same name.

Black Man by Sabrynaah Pope

Black Man was released in 1999 under Hole lable. Ivan Iacobucci produced and mixed.

Sabrynaah Pope died September 24, 2005. The music industry lost a great artist. Fortunately she left us some great songs and a huge discography throughout the years.