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In the late nineteen-eighties, Merwyn Sanders and his childhood friend Eric Lewis recorded a series of beautiful house tracks in Chicago. Their first two EPs were issued under the names 'VIRGO FOUR and "M.E." on Trax Records in the U.S., then were licensed to Radical Records in the U.K. The duo followed up with another 'M.E." EP on Trax and a fourth release as 'ACE & THE SANDMAN' on Trax subsidiary Saber Records.

The duo took their place in underground history in 1989 with the release of the double A sides "Do You Know Who You Are" and "In A Vision". Both songs became major standards of House music and were included on many important compilations of the genre.

Merwyn Sanders has always downplayed the amount of thought that went into making the material of Virgo, stating that "It was "really just song 'ideas,' somewhat unfinished in a sense," but that really doesn't do justice to the timeless melodies and luxuriant sound design that they managed to achieve during these live jams. Sanders may lament the simplicity of certain aspects of the Virgo soundósuch as their rudimentary but commanding drum machine programmingóbut it's this characteristic that gives their music so much charm and atmosphere.